About The Rural Collaborative

Collaboration is defined as a dynamic interaction involving teamwork, forming alliances and building relationships through cooperation. At TRC, we live collaboration daily, looking for ways to connect our 21 rural hospital members and work collectively to achieve more than any one individual.

Since inception in 2003, the Collaborative’s focus hash helped members to be wise stewards of the resources they receive as public entities. Member commitment to the Collaborative’s activities and initiatives is demonstrated by an increase in active participation and growth in member ROI. In comparison to 2016, member direct savings increased by more than $200,000, with an average ROI per dollar invested of $8.21. Since tracking direct member savings began in 2014, The Collaborative has saved members an estimated $6.4 million dollars.

As we continue to build TRC, interdependence among members will remain the key to creating value. Remaining independent while committing to interdependence may seem contradictory, but it is the core of our success. Shared savings through interdependence as created significant financial advantages for our small, rural hospitals, which translates into their ability to better serve their communities.
Our current short- and long-term strategic goals are built around an overarching commitment to operational excellence. In 2017, our accomplishments included:

  • Increased level of member inter-dependence that enhances member independence;
  • Implementation of a sustainable business model for The Collaborative ensuring our future success and growth;
  • Development of a framework that will support operational excellence within each member’s organization by achieving standardized clinical and financial outcomes across TRC membership;
  • Maximized joint contracting through the implementation of two contracting tools that collect real-time purchasing and service spend data to manage current cost and evaluate future opportunities through use of a procurement software system.


We defend, create and design the future of rural health care through collective strategy and action.


To be recognized as a significant network of partners supporting member hospitals to achieve service excellence through collaboration and innovation.