Collaborative Grant Allows Mark Reed to Install CR Unit

In early 2006 Mark Reed Hospital installed new radiology equipment. Because of their participation with the Western Washington Rural Health Care Collaborative’s Teleradiology project, and the availability of grant funds, Mark Reed is installing a CR unit that will be fully operational in September.

This unit allows the hospital to send x-ray images directly to South Sound Radiologists in Olympia and has eliminated the need to send films by courier (except for mammography). Radiologists can now dictate through their system, and Mark Reed Hospital receives the reports much sooner than in the past, often in the same day. These images will also be sent directly to the radiologists in Olympia.

Without the CR unit, which was made possible by the grant to the Collaborative, Mark Reed would still be sending x-ray films by courier and waiting longer times for the reports.

Source: Internal Memo