Going the Extra Mile

On the day that Shelton, WA was hit with one of the big storms of late 2007, Mason General Hospital was just one of many to lose power. They quickly reacted by notifying locals of their availability to the public by placing a message with the radio station and newspaper.

One member of Mason General took it upon himself in a personal way to think about the community members and their need for respiratory care during the power outage. Roy Peters, the Respiratory Director set up a kiosk in the hospital lobby that remained available for 3 days — about the same amount of time that Mason’s power was out. Roy was concerned that patients had a way to refill their oxygen tanks, give them access to power to run their nebulizers, and generally make sure that they were okay.

Other efforts, like the huge volunteer team led by Crystal Diemert brought together supplies like food, clothing, and cash for flood victims in Lewis County. A collection point was established and the resources were physically transported by volunteer employees to those in need. Luckily, Mason General didn’t suffer the kind of water damage that some did during the big storm of 2007 but they did take it upon themselves to go the extra mile for their community.

Source: Interview with Diane Stillman, Chief Operating Officer of Mason General. Story by Melanie Allred.