Snoqualmie Valley Hospital gets fresh start

The new, Snoqualmie Valley Hospital is officially open, as of Wednesday, May 6. Hospital CEO Rodger McCollum described the move-in as “flawlessly executed,” during the Thursday, May 7, hospital board meeting at Snoqualmie City Hall.

McCollum took the time to thank the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Auxiliary club before opening up the floor to hospital COO Tom Parker.

“I’m happy to report to you that we are in the hospital,” Parker began, “as you know, but I just had to say those words.”

Parker said that despite the labor-intensive workload, the number-one goal was always patient and staff safety during the move.

“I’m pleased to report we were able to achieve that,” he continued.

Parker thanked the numerous moving committees who were “engaged in every detail,” including the Snoqualmie Fire Department for volunteering with sensitive equipment transportation, Tri-Med Ambulance for volunteering to move patients to the new facility, the hard work of the hired moving company Commercial Office Interiors and Jill Green, the hospital’s marketing and communications director.

The move began on May 1, but all of the patients were transported on May 6; the E.R. served eight patients by the time of the meeting after it opened at 6 a.m., May 6. The hospital also served outpatients during move-in day, providing X-rays, MRIs, lab testing and infusions.

After an opening inspection by the Pharmacy Commission of the Washington State Department of Health, the new hospital pharmacy scored a colossal 99 percent.

Parker said one of the initial changes at the hospital was seen in the new, private rooms.

“When a patient woke up last night, he or she did not make up their roommate,” Parker explained. “And it was a much quieter night for our night-shift staff.”

The old hospital was plastered with signs, papered E.R. windows and medical staff on-site, just in case any potential patients missed the moving memo.

“We have an amazing team of people,” he continued, “the work we do clinically, technically and administratively is finally happening in a package that reflects the quality of that work and the pride we have in doing it.”

Parker expounded on the windows and beauty of the new hospital, stating the aesthetics make it “therapeutic in every way…

“I had a moment where I was reflecting on the move this morning,” he said, describing seeing a physical therapist walking with a patient on the sidewalk in front of the hospital. “I thought, ‘What a beautiful sight that is for me,’ and then I realized what a beautiful sight it is for them.”

ALLYCE ANDREW, Snoqualmie Valley Record Reporter